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Curating MDEFest 2024

Cluster organization

with Carmen and Dhrysha

Defining a narrative

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EVENT NAME: {Un}seen Exposures TYPE OF EVENT: Interactive and Reflective Installation DESCRIPTION OF THE EVENT:

An exhibition that talks about the unseen societal problems about unsafety, uncertainty, unprotection, unprivacy. We invite you to join our thought-provoking exposition and engage with interactive installations . The {Un}seen Exposures aims to make visible the often-overlooked threats to our sense of security through physical interaction, urban navigation, and digital presence. The exhibit is a reflection on the various forms of unsafety and violation that permeate our society. This event unveils the delicate dance of physical closeness, the intuitive mapping of safe spaces, and the silent watch of digital surveillance. By using technology as a medium, we aim to stimulate awareness, provoke thought, and inspire action towards a safer and more transparent world.


Despite the fact that there were three of us in the group, it was not immediate to find a common narrative between the three of us, also considering that our projects were in development and not fully finalised, so it could mean that something that went well one day might not go well the next. I appreciated the exercises we did to make the class think more deeply about narrative and context: I find that mastery of concepts and words is fundamental to the world of design and especially in this area more research into possible emerging futures, and it is definitely something I want to continue to persevere with and improve!!!

Last update: June 24, 2024