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Communicating Ideas


comunicate design projects

life document as a project

storytelling as an evolving process, part of our nature

communication model

encoder and decoder giving messages and feedbacks between each other

explaining things in different ways starting from a diff point of view or a different background

context-characters-point of view-argument

narrative structures:

mountain→ drama goes in a crescendo and goes in a solution

nested loops→ starts from the centre and start getting more info in a concentric way

spark-lines→ plot between hope and reality

in media res→ the timeline in not linear (going back for going foward)

covering ideas→ converging ideas

monomyth→ like “the hero journey”

  1. a captivating start

  2. Details that gives credibility

  3. Intrigue
  4. Conflict (showing your own battle)
  5. Archetypes, 16 personalities
  6. Metaphors
  7. Character transformation
  8. WOW movie ending

essential questions for communicating a PROJECT

WHY, context or problem that makes the project relevant

FOR WHOM, community

WHEN/WHERE, space and time

WHO, whos doing the project

WHAT, the project

HOW, how the project solves the the problematic for the community

Defining my project

The Golden Circle

Alt text WHAT? I try to create both a tangible and conceptual bridge between transhumanist applications, biohacking, use of new materials and new ways of seeing things, with the current issue of gender violence, what it means when there is contact between two bodies and how to define it.

HOW? The method is defined by experimenting with new techniques and materials in both scientific and creative ways, ranging from sample tests to wearable applications. In addition, it is essential for me to refer to communities or experts who deal with or use the same means as me on a practical level, but it is important for me to interface with the people directly concerned (women victims of violence, …) from a more empathetic and emotional point of view.

WHY? What I would like to dedicate myself to are topics that are very close to my heart and where I feel very empathetic about them, it is a goal that stems from external stimuli that I have reworked within myself, but at the same time I want to present them externally, for others, in a new light and possibly also do something about it, changing things is definitely my goal, even if at the moment it seems very far away and ambitious

alt text

Stakeholders radar

During the seminar,we were asked to define the possible stakeholders of our project, i.e. the entities or persons we consider thematically related to our project with whom we would like to interact and collaborate.
I have therefore mapped out on this radar those for me who are suitable interlocutors for my project and with whom I would like to collaborate both to advance with my research but also for personal growth and to enter their world. I have summarised my mapping into three broad categories: academic institutions, arts and cultural organisations and studios. All three categories give shape to a different slant, I would like to give to the communicative strategy of my project; that is, in addition to progressing with the research and development of the project (within collectives and studios) I would like to promote my project at an academic level then within institutions and schools in order to raise awareness and normalise the issue of gender-based violence for the new generations, as far as schools are concerned, but also to involve students and new minds in collaborating with new ideas to the project. the dynamic that seems to me to be most suitable for this type of stakeholders is the workshops dynamic.

alt text
Regarding art organisations and events, I think it is important to disseminate the more speculative subject matter (through small projects or performances) to be shown in these kinds of venues to stimulate dialogue and conversation, as I believe that gender-based violence is an issue that most people often forget about or prefer not to talk about because it is very personal. I, in fact, respect the delicacy and privacy of this kind of thing, which is why I believe that depersonalising a project to make it everyone’s but nobody’s at the same time is the right key to nurturing a collective awareness.
I have selected within the radar some transfeminist studios that deal with biohacking or that use a scientific approach to projects or event communication. i also believe that dissemination on social media is important and fundamental to reach everyone, but i personally prefer sharing in trade magazines with articles and interviews as i believe that writers and magazines have a knowledge of the words to use and graphic interludes that suit the tone i want to set for my project; so something important and sensitive, but also appealing.

My project personality

alt text During the seminar, we were also asked to ‘personify’ our project in order to find a personality that could define the communication strategy. at first it was not easy for me because I still did not have a clear idea of my project and so thinking about a future strategy confused me even more. To help us, a Miro board was created with the various steps to identify the communicative characteristics of a project and I must say that I found it easier to define a few adjectives that I found present in my concept idea, so I was able to imagine a personality and a tone:

I found that I want my design to combine graphic delicacy with audacity of content, to be sensitive and empathetic but at the same time strong and progressive. The project needs to depersonalise in order to represent everyone and no one, it needs anonymity but at the same time a strong personality.

alt text alt text

I have summarised my communication journey during the seminar in a presentation that shows how far I have come.

Tandem project, with annna

I start my tandem project with Annna, starting researching about her project on the exagerating of ugliness exaltation and exaggeration of ugliness (relating to human and non-human beings) through the use of technology.

We recorded this video together to explain some points that I thought were interesting about his project starting with the topics of inspiration, influences from his background and future involvement of communities or institutions.


These lessons helped me to place my project on a communicative level: I realised, by examining certain parts of the brand strategy how my project uses dichotomies to define itself, and I have to say that I am still thinking hard about how to display them graphically or on a strategic level. It helped me a lot to create the stakeholders radar because it made me really realise what the connections are between my research and external communities and where I can go for next steps. In fact, I reflected on the fact that I would like to project the project initially by a more expositional and performative route At the moment, the project is still in the development stages of a real shape and perhaps I still have a lot of work to do to make it usable for outsiders but thanks to the seminar I know which channels I can use to make myself known, in fact I have created a related instagram profile where I am applying the personality trets and tone I chose in Miro’s visual space! here it is: So I think this seminar encourages you to define and find the words to talk about something that, in my case, was still research and exploration, but it was very useful for me to begin to summarise in a cohesive statement what were the results of my interventions.

Last update: June 16, 2024