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Living with your own ideas


During this seminar we focus on the concept of fist person perspective

1st Person Research→

  • to be situated as actors in environment and generate change
  • taking your own culture in a specific project (involving yourself as a political act)
  • interventions deals with different temporalities
  • involve ourself to understand the interaction around us (relational and expansive)
  • look at things, being involve
  • decentering humans by displacing power relations (making yourself vulnerable)

After talking about 1pp we start with prototyping a companion



how will you live together?

  • it should be on my desk, or hang somewhere in my room ,or in a place where i usually work.

what does it notice?

  • it notices in me self-confidence in my potentialities. it basically gives “reason” under shape of little post-it (gives by pressing buttons). With reasons i mean some topics that let me understand that what i’m doing, even if it’s right or wrong, it is something that in a sort of way, matters.

what were you thinking?

  • i was thinking to a way that a machine could contribute in my everyday life, referring to my anxiety about my professional skills, something that can say to me that there’s no problem in making mistakes or also in having self-confidence in my skills and ideas. The machine it also has an additionally “photo and other things” holder where it should be a picture of my dog, because his presence makes me always calm and safe.

why does it matter?

  • it matters because it is time for me to be more self-confident

Alt text

Alt text

First person perspective work

What did you make? And why did it matter?

In my first person perspective work, I’ve focused on the part of my design space in relation to my body: reconfigure your body

I found myself really bound with the aspects that regard the body as an organic machine in movement. As an ex-gymnast I used to use my body to express myself in many facets, where many times I was pushing it to the limit (physically and mentally). So I’ve questioned myself: what does it mean “pushing your body”? And how does it affect emotions?

Pushing your body (through many ways) let it emerge feelings?

It used to say if something starts to hurt you should stop immediately, but in my sport I have learnt that if it hurts you are probably on the right track;

To be angry, stuck mentally in something or self confident about what i’m doing are feelings extremely visible through my body.

So, I’ve involved myself in a gymnastics session where I’ve tried to push my body(as I could), focusing on some parts where the emphasis of some exercises is more stressed.

What happens when you involve yourself?

What happens when you use yourself as an instrument?

During my 1st PP, i felt again related to a thing that i haven’t done for many years but under a different light, for a different purpose and what i’ve notice was that i was determinated to try more and more to push my body, involving it in difficult exercises that i’ve used to do very easily, but but at the same time I was pervaded by mixed feelings that did not allow me to proceed.

Did anything change about your way of working?

Using the body as a tool is something that i’ve never used as a designer, because it was part of my life before starting this career, so it was really interesting evaluating it under a different light

What does it mean for your future work?

I’ve understood that using the body and being in a way empathic and sensitive are characteristics of my character that I can’t avoid considering in my research and in my projects even if they are so private and in a way silly if they are related to my other skills. I’love to bind these aspects to my professional interests.

After seeing the videos of your design space collective, how does it change your understanding of it, present new opportunities or inspire new possibilities for collaboration?

I think the all class interpret the task in many different ways with their own creativity, so i find a connection with Dhrishya, Annna and Marius works for different reasons: in one case Dhrishya also used the body as a medium, and in the other case (Annna and Marius) they used other languages or instruments to show or express emotions.

Last update: June 16, 2024